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  • Exact Macola – Striving Toward ERP Excellence

    Sponsored by: Exact Software  | Premiered: Jul 24, 2014

    Watch this informative webcast, featuring Senior Business Consultant Russ Lesko, who discusses Exact Macola's latest ERP software solution.

  • Predict inefficiencies that affect your bottom line

    Sponsored by: IBM  | Premiered: Jul 16, 2014

    Tune into the following video to see how predictive maintenance can virtually eliminate the conventional reactive way of dealing with broken appliances and applications. See how you can avoid spending countless hours on fixing problems that don't necessarily need it, how you can improve overall efficiency, productivity, and more.

  • MQ Light

    Sponsored by: IBM  | Premiered: Jul 8, 2014

    MQ Light can provide messaging that enables web request handlers to offload work to worker processes using a queue, so they can return to handle the next request immediately. MQ Light is currently available as a beta; click here to download the MQ Light server for your required platform today.

  • SAP HANA: Real-Time Analytics for Retailers

    Sponsored by: HP & Intel®  | Premiered: Apr 16, 2014

    For retailers, data captured during the sales cycle plays a critical role in almost every aspect of business. The right technology can enable retailers to capture, manage and take advantage of customer data in real-time. Learn more by watching this conversation featuring experts from HP and SAP HANA.

  • SAP HANA: Real-Time Solutions for Manufacturing

    Sponsored by: HP & Intel®  | Premiered: Apr 16, 2014

    Manufacturers face numerous challenges, from pricing decisions, to energy consumption and human error. Increasingly, they must leverage data to make more informed operational decisions. Watch this expert roundtable discussion to learn how HP and SAP HANA help manufacturers take better advantage of real-time data.

  • SAP HANA: Innovative Solutions for the Consumer Products Group

    Sponsored by: HP & Intel®  | Premiered: Apr 16, 2014

    View the following video to hear from some of the biggest names inside HP and SAP as they explore the technology that is allowing for consumer product companies to take advantage of real-time insights—most importantly, find out what you can do to start leveraging this technology as well.

  • Best practices: Deliver next-gen automotive infotainment systems

    Sponsored by: IBM  | Premiered: Mar 26, 2014

    In the realm of next-generation automotive infotainment systems, innovation continues to grow exponentially, with new system features creating both trends and challenges. In this informative webcast, discover a fundamental approach for success in E/E engineering and learn how the ever-increasing complexities can be simplified.

  • Learn How Organizations are Transforming HR with the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Workday  | Premiered: Mar 26, 2014

    View the following webinar to learn how organizations are transforming HR with the cloud. Uncover how to enable better collaboration, handle a more complex workforce, improve visibility, and more. Also hear from leading companies and the strategies they use to make these transformations happen.

  • Oil & gas and data analytics - A love story

    Sponsored by: IBM  | Premiered: Mar 24, 2014

    This video features a panel of expert speakers who dive into the unexpected love story between the oil industry and data analytics.

  • The Future of Finance Is Now: Part Four

    Sponsored by: Workday  | Premiered: Feb 19, 2014

    In this 5-part video series, Mark Nittler, vice president of enterprise strategy at Workday, explains how legacy finance systems can't keep up with the needs of today's enterprise. You'll learn how the next generation of financial management focuses on speed, agility, cost, and insights—all delivered in the cloud.

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The Manufacturing ERP Webcast and Podcast Directory provides manufacturing IT and business professionals with a guide to informative webcasts and podcasts from a wide range of manufacturing ERP software vendors. Browse this directory to hear presentations from ERP experts on ERP for manufacturing, including how to achieve leaner operations, more agile supply chains, improved business processes and compliance with environmental, safety and financial regulations, among other ERP benefits. Get in-depth technical advice and unbiased information on selecting, implementing and leveraging ERP technology to improve organizational performance and conquer business challenges.

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